Tourist Spots

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    Obuchi and Mebuchi Falls

    男淵女淵の滝(おぶち・めぶちのたき)This waterfall has two stages - an upper and lower falls. The upper falls are cal…

  1. 浦田神社
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    Urada Shrine

    浦田神社Urada Shrine enshrines white rice. The enshrined deity is Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto. It is said that Ugayafukia…

  2. 奥神社境内
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    Oku Shrine

    奥神社Oku Shrine is located in the recesses of Kunigami district in northern Tanegashima. This was a place where feud…

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    Maenohama Beachfront Park

    前之浜海浜公園A white beach that extends out over 8 kilometers. You may encounter the footprints of sea turtles who v…

  3. 赤尾木の湯
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    Akaogi no Yu

    赤尾木の湯The quality of the spring is called a sodium hydrocarbonate spring. This is characterized by removing each …

  4. 河内温泉センター
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    Kawachi Onsen Center

    河内温泉センターKawachi Onsen Center is a simple hot spring with little irritation. Elderly people can also bathe her…

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    Tanegashima Tourist Association

    種子島観光協会A tourist information center in Nishinoomote Port Terminal (Waiting Area). Tourist maps and tourist bro…

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    Nishinoomote Shopping District Machika…

    西之表市商店街まちかどインフォメーションセンターA tourist information center in the shopping district of Nishinoomote…

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    Hamada Beach (Chikura Grotto)

    浜田海水浴場(千座の岩屋)Hamada Beach is adjacent to Chikura Grotto. Chikura Grotto is a grotto created though erosi…

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    Kamori Peak

    カーモリの峯The point in front of the Science Museum in the Tanegashima Space Center is the starting point of a mount…