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  1. 浦田海水浴場
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    Urada Beach

    浦田海水浴場(うらだかいすいよくじょう)Urada Beach on the north side of Tanegashima has a white sandy beach and blue…

  2. 広田遺跡墓地
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    Hirota Ruins Museum

    広田遺跡ミュージアムA facility that provides a guide to the Hirota Ruins (a national historic site). It also exhibits…

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    Hamada Beach (Chikura Grotto)

    浜田海水浴場(千座の岩屋)Hamada Beach is adjacent to Chikura Grotto. Chikura Grotto is a grotto created though erosi…

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    Injo Coast (Matate Grotto)

    犬城海岸(馬立の岩屋)A beautiful coast with many caves eroded by the sea and strangely shaped rocks. It is said that…

  3. 浦田神社
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    Urada Shrine

    浦田神社Urada Shrine enshrines white rice. The enshrined deity is Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto. It is said that Ugayafukia…

  4. 熊野海水浴場
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    Nature Recreation Village (Kumano Beac…

    自然レクリエーション村(熊野海水浴場)The only beach in the town with small islands floating offshore, a white sandy …

    • Tourist SpotsNature

    Otatsumetatsu Rock

    雄龍雌龍の岩(おたつめたつのいわ)A rock that is the subject of a legend. The legend goes that a couple called Tatsug…

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    Cape Kadokura

    門倉岬The southernmost cape of Tanegashima. The Teppodenraikikohi is a monument that has been erected to commemorate …

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    Nagahama Coast

    長浜海岸The largest sandy beach on the island that stretches out over a total of 12 kilometers on the west side of Na…

  5. 奥神社境内
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    Oku Shrine

    奥神社Oku Shrine is located in the recesses of Kunigami district in northern Tanegashima. This was a place where feud…