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    Takasaki-syuzo Co., Ltd.

    高崎酒造(株)TEL +81-997-25-0707Website891-31021861-2 Anno, Nishinoomote-shi,KagoshimaPayment method Cash onlyOpen…

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    Tanegashima Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    種子島酒造(株)Tanegashima Shuzo was founded in 1902. We make our products by preparing them in earthenware jars wit…

  1. 種子島観光協会
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    Yotsumoto Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    四元酒造(株)TEL +81-997-27-9015891-3607323 Tajima, Nakatane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima

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    Kouzuma Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    上妻酒造(株)We continue to make much-loved shochu as Tanegashima shochu rooted in the community while remaining a s…

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    Ai Shop Kaminaka Furuichi Saketen

    アイショップ上中 古市酒店 We are located near to Minamitane Town Hall and are open for business all year round. Ple…

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    Nishinoomote City Association for Peop…

    西之表市身体障害者協会We have an extensive range of products. These includes sweets made with peanuts and sweet potat…

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    Minamitane Town Tourism Product Exhibi…

    南種子町観光物産館 トンミー市場We sell a range of products with a focus on Tanegashima. These include fresh vegetabl…

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    Minamitane Town Fisheries Cooperative …

    南種子町漁業協同組合 直営店 天空のパラダイスWe offer a range of products from fresh fish to frozen and processed pro…

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    Nouveau Kamikawa

    ヌーヴォーかみかわTEL +81-997-27-0073891-36045297-1 Noma, Nakatane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima

  2. 種子島観光協会
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    Sakaemachi Nagai Saketen Ltd.

    (有)栄町 永井酒店TEL +81-997-27-0133891-36046110-9 Nokan, Nakatane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima