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    Space Science and Technology Museum (T…

    宇宙科学技術館(種子島宇宙センター)The Space Science and Technology Museum in Tanegashima Space Center is a facility…

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    Cape Kadokura

    門倉岬The southernmost cape of Tanegashima. The Teppodenraikikohi is a monument that has been erected to commemorate …

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    Nanairozaka Observation Deck

    七色坂(なないろざか)展望所You can look out over paddy fields, windbreak forests and the Maenohama Coast from the Na…

  1. 宝満神社
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    Homan Shrine

    宝満神社(ほうまんじんじゃ)Long known as Homan Daimyojin, the deity enshrined in this shrine is Tamayorihime. She wa…

  2. 赤米館内
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    Tanegashima Red Rice Museum

    たねがしま赤米館(あかごめかん)A museum of the red rice that was introduced into this area from the south long ago. …

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    Nagahama Coast

    長浜海岸The largest sandy beach on the island that stretches out over a total of 12 kilometers on the west side of Na…

  3. 恵美の江展望公園
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    Ebinoe Observatory Park

    恵美之江(えびのえ)展望公園A very popular viewing site because it is closest to the rocket launch site. The launch c…

  4. 長谷公園
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    Hase Park

    長谷公園The entire venue slopes downward gently. Therefore, you can see rockets well across the whole venue. The laun…

  5. 宇宙が丘公園
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    Uchugaoka Park

    宇宙ヶ丘公園There is an campsite adjacent to Uchugaoka Park that is loved as a place to relax by the townspeople.TEL…

  6. 広田遺跡墓地
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    Hirota Ruins Museum

    広田遺跡ミュージアムA facility that provides a guide to the Hirota Ruins (a national historic site). It also exhibits…