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    Kanehama Coast

    鉄浜海岸(かねはまかいがん)The Kanehama Coast ("Iron Beach Coast") was given this name because iron sand has been ga…

  1. ヘゴ自生郡
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    Cluster of Wild Cyathea Spinulosa

    ヘゴ自生群落Cyathea spinulosa is a tropical and subtropical pteridophyte. It is found in low temperature forests with…

  2. アコウのアーチ
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    Arch of Sea Fig

    アコウのアーチA rare sea fig that has grown just like a tunnel above the road. Of course, you can drive under the arc…

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    Banyan Trees of Sumiyoshi

    住吉のカジュマルA tall evergreen tree in the Morcaeae family. Tanegashima is the northern limit for this tree. It pro…

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    Yokino Beach

    よきの(能野)海水浴場Yokino Beach located along National Route 58 is a beautiful beach that becomes a spot to view t…

  3. 月窓亭外観
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    Akaogi Castle Culture Tradition Hall (…

    赤尾木城文化伝承館(月窓亭 げっそうてい)This residence was once the home of Shinno Habu who served as the Head of t…

  4. 国産火縄銃
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    Tanegashima Development Center (Firear…

    種子島開発総合センター(鉄砲館)A comprehensive museum that widely introduces the history, culture and nature of Tane…

  5. 天女ヶ倉
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    天女ヶ倉(あまめがくら)A spot with a superb view overlooking the Pacific Ocean.Amamegakura ShrineAmamegaukura Shrine…

  6. 喜志鹿崎灯台
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    Kishigasaki Lighthouse

    喜志鹿崎灯台(きしがさきとうだい)The northernmost tip of Tanegashima. You can see the Osumi Peninsula and Mt. Kaimon…

  7. 浦田海水浴場
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    Urada Beach

    浦田海水浴場(うらだかいすいよくじょう)Urada Beach on the north side of Tanegashima has a white sandy beach and blue…