Akaogi no Yu


The quality of the spring is called a sodium hydrocarbonate spring. This is characterized by removing each old layer to give you smooth skin. It also has a quality of being so-called “beautiful skin hot water.” This is because it has a cleansing effect (skin beautifying effect) as it is weakly alkaline (pH7.5 to less than pH 8.5). Hydrocarbonate springs are called one of the three major springs for beautiful people together with sulfate springs and sulfur springs. It has a quality that you can expect to have a therapeutic effect because it is named as a recuperation spring that is not simply a hot spring. Please enjoy this first hot spring that flows directly from the source in Tanegashima with its natural carbonic acid components that will stick to your body.

Spring Quality And Components
Quality: Sodium hydrocarbonate spring
Spring temperature: Approx. 40ºC

General Contraindications
Active period of illnesses (especially fevers)
Active tuberculosis
Significant physical weakness (e.g., advanced malignant tumor or severe anemia)
Severe heart or lung disease that leaves you short of breath when you move a little
Severe kidney disease with swelling
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Visible bleeding
Acute exacerbation of chronic illnesses
(Quoted from the Japan Spa Association)

Chronic pain or stiffness in muscles or joints, stiffness or muscles in motor paralysis, sensitivity to the cold, peripheral circulatory disorders, decreased gastrointestinal functions, mild hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoidal pain, autonomic instability, various symptoms due to stress, post-illness convalescence, recovery from exhaustion, health promotion, cuts and skin dryness

Rouryu sauna (men’s bath) and steam sauna (women’s bath)

TEL +81-997-22-0019 (Tanegashima Araki Hotel)
78 Nishi-machi, Nishinoomote-shi, Kagoshima
Admission fee
・Adults (Junior high school students and older): 800 yen
・Children: (3 years old and over): 400 yen
Opening hours
6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (*Last admission: 10:30 p.m.)
Fixed closed days
Open all year round (*Excluding maintenance days