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    Ojarimose Ryuseikan

    おじゃりもうせ龍星館You can see many islands (e.g., Yakushima) here. We sell soft serve ice cream, 31 ice creams and …

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    Maruyama Souvenir Center

    丸山土産品センターWe sell many special products of Tanegashima (e.g., sweets and marine products). We also offer ship…

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    Rinkake-do Ltd.

    (有)りんかけ堂We make and sell souvenirs from Tanegashima. We sell satellite rinkake, miso beans and brown sugar.TE…

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    Nankoku Souvenir Higesan Shop

    南国みやげ品店・ひげさんの店TEL +81-997-23-2428891-311169 Nishi-machi, Nishinoomote,Kagoshima

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    Kashidokoro Sakaiya Ltd.

    (有)菓子処 酒井屋You can eat our showcase sweets in our store. Please heal your feet tired from traveling.TEL +81…

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    Hamazoe Seika

    浜添製菓We were founded 58 years ago. We still now wholeheartedly make our products by hand with a traditional furnac…

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    Nissho Seito

    日昇製糖Tanegashima brown sugar is made by individually using sugar cane produced on the island with a traditional me…

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    Bunkado Souvenir Shop

    ブンカドウ お土産売店Ishidera Honten also serves as a café space with cakes. We have many special products of Tanega…

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    SOMES(サムズ)Nishinoomote Store and Nakatane Store: We are a company rooted in the community as the only home impro…

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    Takasaki Corporation

    株式会社タカサキTEL +81-997-22-0029891-31116993-1 Nishi-machi, Nishinoomote,Kagoshima