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    Zeus House

    ゼウスハウスWe are an accommodation facility located in an excellent spot just 30 seconds from the sea. We offer a nu…

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    Business Inn Tanegashima

    ビジネスイン種子島There is a large communal bath and a sauna (men only). It is 2 or 3 minutes on foot to a convenienc…

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    Tanegashima Araki Hotel

    種子島あらきホテルWe are the only inn with a hot spring that flows directly from the source on Tanegashima.・The long…

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    Hotel Lexton Tanegashima

    ホテル・レクストン種子島We provide a hotel replete with facilities. These include outdoor shower booths convenient fo…

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    Hotel New Tanegashima

    ホテルニュー種子島We sincerely look forward to all guests from on and off the island as a base to sightseeing on Tane…

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    Hotel & Restaurant Sunpost

    ホテル・レストラン サンポストTEL +81-997-27-2200Website891-36045297 Noma Nakatane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima

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    Business Hotel New Chiyoda

    ビジネスホテル ニューチヨダTEL +81-997-27-1131891-36044226-1 Noma Nakatane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima

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    Green Hotel Sakae Ltd.

    (有)グリーンホテル・さかえThe facilities and services we provide include a large communal bath, banquet hall and la…

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    Business Hotel Sunrise

    ビジネスホテル サンライズThere are inexpensive and tasty restaurants, izakaya bars and convenience stores within walk…

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    We are a hotel with a hot spring bath in all our rooms in Minamitane. You can use us for sightseeing or business. Rel…