A trip to soothe both your body and mind at Japan’s first sacred yoga spot

Tennyogakura, Urada Beach and Sunset Line (Yokino), the leading spiritual hot spots of Tanegashima, are the first to be certified in Japan as sacred yoga spots by the Yoga Organization of Japan.
Tennyogakura is a scenic spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can recharge yourself with the energy of the sun rising from the horizon to enjoy the sensation of your whole body awakening. Start your day here!
Urada Beach has been selected as one of the 88 best swimming beaches in Japan. The white sandy beach is beautiful and the seawater has a high degree of clearness. Therefore, the “Urada blue” of the sky and sea will soothe your soul.
Sunset Line (Yokino) descends to a beach that is easily accessible from Route 58. You can experience a time to soothe you mind and body with yoga while thinking about the setting sun that steeps the horizon in a bright red.