Tanegashima: a dream island for surfing reminiscent of Hawaii

Tanegashima has a long shape from north to south. Therefore, you can select your surfing point to suit the direction of the wind and the swell. The island is home to various surfing points including beaches and reef breaks. This means you should choose a point that suits your level. You can also take advantage of a new initiative called Tanenami (Tanegashima Waves) started by locals of Tanegashima. Please feel free to talk to the driver if you see a Tanenami sticker on a car. You can prevent troubles with the right information in advance. If you know the rules and manners, you will have an even more fun surfing trip and you will want to come back again. Searching for good waves by relying on maps and social networking sites is also part of the enjoyment of a surfing trip. However, it can be difficult to grasp the wave size, current and other information for surfing points you are visiting for the first time. Why don’t you strike up a conversation with a local when checking the waves and give yourself over to the rhythm of the island?