Furuichi Family Home


This building, which stands in the village of Honmura in the southern part of Nakatane, was designated a national important cultural property in July 1994. We know it was built in 1846 from the construction sign that remains on the building. Furuichi Gensuke, who built this house, was a country samurai. He served important posts such as Shoya (village headman) and Yokome (superintendent) in Sakai.

The building consists of a tatami mat section and a doma dirt floor section. The plane is L-shaped. It is a simple and well-organized mid-sized residence. It can be called private home architecture that represents Tanegashima. The environment surrounding the home is also great. It forms a historic landscape together with the home.

The building was demolished and repaired in 2001 and 2002. It was then restored to its original appearance.

The surroundings were developed as the Village Sakai Park of History together with work to improve the national highway. It has become a famous place together with Japan’s largest sago cycad nearby. Free Wi-Fi is available.

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