Tanegashima: Attracting attention from cyclists

Seaside Road allows you to cycle while feeling the sea breeze. Sugar Road allows you to cycle while experiencing this southern island with sugar cane fields on both sides. The popularity of Island Road is on the rise! This road allows you to cycle while enjoying scenery unique to Tanegashima. This includes one of Japan’s largest rocket launch sites, the World Heritage Yakushima emerging on the horizon, and a setting sun that turns the sky and sea red.
You can enjoy stress-free cycling with few traffic lights and cars on the roads of Tanegashima. The outer circumference is approximately 160 kilometers and the maximum altitude is 141 meters. The island is also replete with courses that can be enjoyed by cyclists at a wide range of levels – from those who are new to cycling to experienced cyclists. Please enjoy a fun ride while enjoying the scenery on the island!