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    Minamitane Town Tourism Product Exhibi…

    南種子町観光物産館 トンミー市場We sell a range of products with a focus on Tanegashima. These include fresh vegetabl…

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    Aoyasu Shoten

    青安商店TEL +81-997-22-0224891-311249-1 Sakae-machi, Nishinoomote,Kagoshima

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    Nankoku Souvenir Higesan Shop

    南国みやげ品店・ひげさんの店TEL +81-997-23-2428891-311169 Nishi-machi, Nishinoomote,Kagoshima

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    Maruyama Souvenir Center

    丸山土産品センターWe sell many special products of Tanegashima (e.g., sweets and marine products). We also offer ship…

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    Tosen Kobo Bihoan

    陶染工房 美ほう庵Tanegashima extends beyond the sea. We are a shop where you can feel this in its entirety. We have …

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    hau'oli (ハウオリ)We are a handmade miscellaneous goods shop. These include original glass bead accessories, great…

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    Ojarimose Ryuseikan

    おじゃりもうせ龍星館You can see many islands (e.g., Yakushima) here. We sell soft serve ice cream, 31 ice creams and …