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    Obuchi and Mebuchi Falls

    男淵女淵の滝(おぶち・めぶちのたき)This waterfall has two stages - an upper and lower falls. The upper falls are cal…

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    Maenohama Beachfront Park

    前之浜海浜公園A white beach that extends out over 8 kilometers. You may encounter the footprints of sea turtles who v…

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    Kamori Peak

    カーモリの峯The point in front of the Science Museum in the Tanegashima Space Center is the starting point of a mount…

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    Cape Kadokura

    門倉岬The southernmost cape of Tanegashima. The Teppodenraikikohi is a monument that has been erected to commemorate …

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    Nanairozaka Observation Deck

    七色坂(なないろざか)展望所You can look out over paddy fields, windbreak forests and the Maenohama Coast from the Na…

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    Nagahama Coast

    長浜海岸The largest sandy beach on the island that stretches out over a total of 12 kilometers on the west side of Na…

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    Tanegashima Mangrove Park

    たねがしまマングローブパークIt is said that Tanegashima serves as the northern limit for the natural habitat of Kande…

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    Hakozaki Coast

    箱崎海岸(はこざきかいがん)Close to the urban center, you can see the city from the coast.891-3104Hakozaki Kaigan, S…

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    Large Sago Cycad Tree

    大ソテツJapan's largest sago cycad tree is located in the precincts of Toyoke Shrine. It is estimated to be more than…

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    Injo Coast (Matate Grotto)

    犬城海岸(馬立の岩屋)A beautiful coast with many caves eroded by the sea and strangely shaped rocks. It is said that…