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  1. 種子島観光協会
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    Kiku Ryokan Ltd.

    (有)きく旅館TEL +81-997-26-1110891-37012925 Nakanokami, Minamitane-cho,Kumage-gun, KagoshimaWestern-style rooms(…

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    Umi no Ryokan

    うみの旅館TEL +81-997-26-0391891-37012932 Nakanokami, Minamitane-cho,Kumage-gun, KagoshimaJapanese-style rooms(20…

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    美の吉We are a business ryokan inn in the urban center of Minamitane. You can eat Ingii chicken in our adjacent cafet…

  2. 種子島観光協会
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    Hidaka Ryokan

    ひだか旅館TEL +81-997-26-1141891-37012208 Nakanokami, Minamitane-cho,Kumage-gun, Kagoshima

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    Ebi no Yu Ryokan

    恵美之湯旅館We are an inn with a view of the sea. We offer surf guides and a surf school. You can also take a hot spr…

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    Watari Onsen Kan

    わたり温泉館Our rooms come with indoor baths (with hot spring water), toilets (with bidet functions), microwave ovens…

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    Tanegashima Onsen Hotel

    種子島温泉ホテルA small hot spring inn run by fishermen near Kumano Beach. Please enjoy our seafood freshly caught at…

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    Kappo Hotel Inomoto Honkan

    割烹ホテルいのもと本館We welcome you with kind and courteous service. You can use us in various settings because we h…

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    Ryori no Oishii Yado Ryokan Miharuso

    料理の美味しい宿 旅館 美春荘Our inn was completely renovated in March 2019! It can be used by everyone with our gue…